Jack and Jill

Forgive me………. not for what I’ve done, but for what I’m about to do.


I had a clear picture in my mind about what this post would look like, deb fishingwhat I wanted to say, the feelings and story behind my message. I thought it through as I stepped into the shower and by the time I stepped out, my mind was reeling. I have a feeling the mess in my head will inadvertently spill out onto the page………and for this, I feel I need to ask your forgiveness and patience. This is likely to be a fruit salad of words. I hope everyone gets something out of it though. Despite the apparent mishmash it may present, it will be loaded with little gems from deep within my grey matter. Please enjoy…………..






A story about celebrating Jack and supporting Jill


Brought to you by myself, on behalf of ‘Finding Jack”

Jack and Jill went up the hill…….

…….and what a hill it is. This hill represents my family. With foundations that would support the Universe in its entirety. My parents taught myself and my siblings from the get go, that family is the nucleus of life; love, hard work and perseverance the force that drives us. Nothing, worth having, comes easily…..but it’s definitely worth striving for. It is at this point I am tempted to stray off on my merry little tangent, but I will resist the temptation and try to remain focused. My Dad comes from a family of six children and they are ALL amazing, loving humans. I am so very blessed to be a part of this massive, beautiful family jigsaw. Every piece is unique and every piece makes the whole puzzle as wonderful as it is.

To create a world of laughter……..936

The very essence of our family, right alongside our capacity to love unconditionally, is the importance we place on laughter. Our family gatherings are filled with hugs and plenty of laughs.

Jack fell down………

I remember the first time my parents gathered us around to tell us the shitty news….Dad had Cancer. I physically felt the wind smashed from my sails and the proverbial rug ripped out from under my feet. He’s so strong! He works like a bloody man half his age! He’s only 71; his family are renowned for longevity! This can’t be happening! There must be some mistake! My mind raced and my eyes leaked! Dad always said we were made with our bladders too close to our eyes! Pancreatic? Even Patrick Swayze couldn’t fight that beast!

….and broke his crown

He was our King. His death, less than a year later, gutted us all. His funeral was massive. A fitting send off for a legend of a man and a true reflection of the lives he touched!!!

And Jill came tumbling after

Dad was extremely close to all his nieces and nephews, and my cousin Jill was no exception. They had a close bond. Jill continues to fight, along with other fresh wounds, her battle with Cancer. Jill is an amazing lady with too many qualities to list. She is an inspiration to us all. Amongst her many rounds of Chemo treatment over the years, Jill participated in a 60km walk to raise money for Cancer Research…………her heart is massive!!!

Every year in Geraldton, Western Australia, hundreds of people pour into a local sporting venue, pitch tents, arrange displays and prepare for a non stop 24hr stint of walking. Around and around and around and around the oval. Sound monotonous? Not at all! We all walk for a cause. We all walk because we have lost someone to Cancer; we walk because someone we know is fighting Cancer; and we walk because someone we love kicked Cancer’s butt!!!!!!! We all have our stories. So different, so unique and yet tarred with the same ugly brush-CANCER!!!!

Our Team name is ‘Finding Jack’, in honour of my Dad. Finding Jack is our twist on Finding Nemo. Like the movie, we tried moving mountains to save our family from the inevitable heartache. We tried everything to come up with a solution to beat Dad’s Cancer. All in vain…..but we continue to walk. We walk as a family, for family. This year our theme is ‘Jack and Jill’. We have included Jill in our theme because she deserves the love, support and recognition for the incredible human she is. We love her tremendously and we walk to show her how much she means to us all.

The preparations have started. The event is in October. Fundraising is underway and the creation of tent props is about to start.

I am asking anyone who is able,


Well, it is late, and thus far, I have surprised myself and not ventured too far from what I wanted to say. Don’t despair….there is still time!!!


I would love to hear simple fundraising ideas and would be absolutely forever grateful to those who share this post and possibly donate……if you can’t donate financially, maybe a donation of a gift to be raffled? Online voucher? I’m not sure, at the very least, I ask that you keep us in your prayers and send love out into the world to those affected by Cancer.

Together let’s KICK CANCER’s BUTT!!!!


Love you all 40-leven (my Dad assured me, growing up, that it’s the most you can possibly love someone)




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  1. Deb I would like to donate 3 Body Code distance sessions so not limited to locals and also donate the $210 value of these sessions as well. I will email vouchers to you soon. 😘

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