Dear Death

Dear Death
The resentment I feel toward you

Is so very hard to explain

You’ve turned our world upside down

Delivered so much pain

You’ve drained the blood from my heart

Left the broken pieces strewn

You’ve watched me slowly build it back

Just to smash it down, so soon

Let me catch my fucking breath

Let me build my strength

Let me dry my eyes, catch my thoughts

None of this makes sense!!

Look at all the dickheads

making innocent people suffer

Damn well take one of them

Please not mine, not another!!!

Get your shit together

Get a receptionist if you must

But leave my family the hell alone

Leaves us all til last

I’m begging you, I’m pleading

He’s innocent, so young

His family love him dearly

He has a daughter and 2 sons

Give him back what you took from him

Make him whole again

Reverse the work you started

Save us from this pain

Breathe life back, into his lungs

Give our family hope

You’ve done enough already,

To test how well we cope

You cannot break us down

You cannot split our bond

We love each other way too much

Our family still so strong

If you’re the arsehole that I think you are

And his journey ends in Heaven

Please whisper gently to him

They all love you 40-leven

Rest Easy Beautiful


#Writing Prompt,#Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie,#death,#family

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