Choose Wisely

In response to this week’s prompt
To be 100% honest, I haven’t been blogging long enough or riding around the Ranch long enough to know what is and isn’t acceptable. This may, therefore, come across as me having two bites of the cherry. I will, however, forge ahead with my fingers crossed and good intentions in my heart, hoping the following doesn’t go against the grain and upset anyone……it certainly wasn’t intended that way.

This week, well just tonight actually, I felt torn. My initial 99 words flowed whilst I sat deliberating on my next move. Not only my next move, as in, “How do I get Home?”, but my next move in life. And I wrote……….

Today, I let my tired body slide down the school yard fence and I took a moment to reflect. 

At what point, on my journey through life, did I decide the road less travelled might be the best? 

Recently, my post, “Is 50 Too Old To Start Again?”, saw me tentatively enter the blogging world. 

I did not envisage myself feeling beaten so soon. I sat, now, sweltering in the Pilbara heat, looking upon my punctured bicycle tyre, thinking, “What next?” 

How the Universe might respond to my innocent query, left me feeling sombre and unsettled. 

What next indeed?


My job for this week’s entry was done…..or so I thought. As I sat pondering, my phone beeped and I received a personal message on my FB Messenger. It was an old school friend I hadn’t seen or heard from in 35 years. I was curious, to say the least, and I opened the message and read…………

The message I read, led me to rethink my response to this week’s prompt. So, again, my apologies if it is not acceptable to write two entries within one, but it occurred to me that the second entry only seems pertinant because of it’s timing. Hope that makes sense………

An old friend

Unseen for years

Messages now

Through unshed tears

She said, School was hard

Not how she’d planned

The loneliness daunting

The taunts out of hand

Yet through all of her pain 

What stays with her best

Was my warmth and my kindness 

I was not like the rest

Little did I realise 

What small gestures might mean

To my quiet young classmate,

Broken spirit, unseen

I read her messages of thanks, 35 years later, and looked upon my
punctured tyre. 

My wise words from a 50 year old? 

Do unto others…….



5 thoughts on “Choose Wisely

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  1. How lovely to receive a recognition of your friendship and kindnesses so many years later. I often wonder about the road less travelled. I think taking a repair kit is good advice. I like the way these pieces tie together.

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  2. Deb, thanks for taking initiative and writing both flash! It reminds me of another wise adage: don’t wait for permission, ask for forgiveness later. But no forgiveness needed! You are welcome to submit what the prompt leads to, even more than one flash. A lot can come from a flat tyre.

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