About me? Presuming that’s what this section is for.

I love a yarn. I DO NOT do short stories very well. I, therefore, should be in my element here! As much as I’d like to start at the beginning and give you a blow by blow recount of the things that have shaped the person I am today, I feel starting with “When Jack met Normie” might be a bit much. I will, instead, cut straight to “When I turned 50”.


Hahahahaha…..Just had a thought…….I feel like I’m repeating myself so why re-invent the wheel? Here is a copy of my Facebook post dated January 30th 2017. It pretty well sums up the turning point.

“Dreams. We all have them. Some small, some bigger than Ben Hur. Our ‘Bucket List’……something to aim for. I’m no exception. Except my dreams consume my headspace and I’m often accused of having my head stuck in the clouds. 🀣 Reality and I don’t see eye to eye πŸ™ˆ
A couple of weeks ago it occurred to me that it may be time to turn that bucket upside down and empty the list. Better to be proactive, take control and empty that bucket rather than wait for the inevitable crash and burn feeling when you realise the ‘reality’ is your dream isn’t gonna happen! 😞
It was more of an ‘Oh Fuck I’m almost 50’ moment, rather than a New Years resolution. A moment when I figured it was time to grow up and be realistic. So, upend that bucket I did and regretfully watched my Corsica dream come crashing down. For those close to me you would know I have dreamt of visiting Corsica for years now and it was time to let go and, dare I say it, give up.
Upon returning from an amazing break in Hedland with Nathan and my awesome Pilbara family, Saturday, my first day back in Gero, entailed bonding time with my 7 gorgeous, lively grandchildren 😍The girls all busy ‘helping a friend move house’. Thoughtful cherubs!! 😘
When the girls returned I figured I could spend a lazy arvo getting a massage and having a Nana nap…….you need one of those when you’re almost 50 🀣🀣 Nope, the girls had other plans which included a hair colour (after Kiersten performed a very thorough review of my current hair status!), a sneaky makeup make-over and a hairdresser on tap (thanks Annika Jane Bombara ……when I finally saw it I appreciated what a great job you did!). At this point I was instructed to close my eyes for the rest of the afternoon or have timeout in the bedroom facing the wall πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚now I know how the kids feel!!!
I struggled to squeeze my ample bottom into some new pants and I was ready for whatever/wherever was following. By this time I obviously knew I was going somewhere but no details were forthcoming. My girls know I love surprises so when I was told not to peek……Peek I did not!!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ™ˆ
They instructed me to unpeel those tight pants and strip in Ebs kitchen-which of course I did. I wriggled into my new attire as instructed and sat while they donned my sandals……I remember thinking at this stage that there appeared to be some sort of theme to the evening. As I sat I felt soft tassels fall between my legs and brush my inner thighs……..all I could think was, “I dunno what is going on-BUT I LIKE IT!!!” 😜
I was led to the car and endured some pretty hectic driving from Eb as she attempted to take my mind off which direction we were heading……at 50, the twenty conversations they had going at once had already lost me!!! πŸ˜‚
When I stepped out I was led to a point where they all agreed I could finally open my eyes πŸ‘€
My heart came up to my mouth and I felt truly humbled. Waggrakine Hall at its finest!! A Gatsby delight filled with familiar faces of people I love!!! I hope that mascara is waterproof!!!!!! I will remember that moment forever. So much effort had obviously gone in to making this night unforgettable. The atmosphere was breathtaking.
When I thought things just couldn’t get any better everyone gathered around and I was given my card. It was filled with well wishes and signatures from not only some of the people gathered but also from those unable to make it……signatures of beautiful people who all banded together and gave me something that even they couldn’t have known the value of. The card had inside a gift voucher valued at over $2,000 for travel of my choice and additional cards and money (later to be tucked away in a money box as the start to my spending money savings). In an instant I felt my bucket refill and in the back of my head I kept thinking….Corsica! Here I come!!!! I am blown away by the generosity and love of everyone who participated in making my dream achievable. Weeks ago I gave up on a dream……but it wasn’t just the dream of travelling to Corsica I gave up on ….it was so much more. My bucket was empty and so was I. This gift means the world to me……and while I feel materialistic saying that a holiday is just what the Doctor ordered, it is. It is not, however, just a holiday…..it is a dream re-ignited, it is hope reborn, it is faith re-instilled……this holiday is symbolic of me daring to do what I’d given up doing….to dream. To you all…..thank you for my gift. It means the absolute world to me!!!! I will treasure this adventure and hold you all close in my heart and my mind as I venture into the big wide world. Solo, yet surrounded. Surrounded in the knowledge I have an abundance of beautiful people in my life and enveloped in the knowledge that those people reminded me it was still possible to strive and believe.
From the bottom of my heart….. THANK YOU!!!!!! I am eternally grateful!!!! I love you all 40-leven!!!

I am currently looking at learning basic French, sussing out prices, venues and researching how to blog!!!! This is one adventure you will all get to follow day by day (if you can be bothered 🀣🀣)
Til then….. Au Revoir

Best time of the year if I want to enjoy the beaches is July/August. Best offers from travel agent was Sept-Dec. Job’s on! September it is!

Of course, since this post, things have changed. I received a call offering me a position in Hedland. I am starting a new position at Hedland Senior High School on February 13th (tomorrow). I felt it was a little forward to ask for time off for a holiday when I’d only just got the position. Sooo….September it is not.Β Corsica is still in my pipeline….just a little further down. When I do go….I want it to be for at least a month. I checked the weather in Corsica during the Christmas school holidays…..WAY TOO FRIGGIN COLD!!!!!! So for now I will save, learn a little French and improve myΒ blogging.


Love you






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