A Mistake From The Universe?

1 October 2017: Day Thirteen

River Bella

I set my alarm for an early start on this morning…..I wanted to get great sunrise shots! That’s what I told myself anyway-I think I really wanted a quick dip in the ocean before others meandered their way down. Even with the sun out, I expected I would see a few full moons today!!

The beach was, understandably, deserted. I stepped out of my bungalow and onto the beach, quite literally. No need to waste time dressing this morning!!!! I walked briskly toward the waters edge, my teeth chattering loudly in my ears. Before I even got to the water I had changed my mind. I did a U-turn and headed back to the refuge of my cabin-it was overcast and bloody cold! I needed clothes on-stat! I’m normally not one for breaking rules, but fair suck of the sav (pardon the pun), this had to be an exception! I strolled along the beach taking photos as the sun tried its best to peak from behind the heavy cloud cover. The photos I was hoping for probably wouldn’t be happening today, but the serenity was priceless-well worth the erect nipples!

The sky to the East looked darkly foreboding. A faint flash of light every so often suggested lightning as well. I shivered as I made my way to the dining room. In my head this justified walking on the beach with clothes….’I’m just heading to the dining room, where clothes are mandatory’ I told myself. The same staff that worked last night, served me again this morning.

“Bonjour Madame,” they greeted, “Cafe?”

God I love you!!! Of course coffee!! “Oui,” I replied and smiled.

They smiled back and the non English speaking guy said, “Grand?” I remembered this word, from either my translation book or the couple of online lessons I had attempted before leaving WA, so nodded quickly. The English speaking man laughed, “Aussies like large, no?”

“Yes.” I confirmed and laughed along with he and some other guests that had now filtered in. The atmosphere was homey and very friendly. Everyone chatted with familiarity, like they were all part of a big family, and it gave me an instant feeling of genuine warmth. As much as I was enjoying the warm and friendly atmosphere, I chose again to sit outside and watch the ocean play with the shoreline. It was hypnotic to watch. I doubted I would be doing much swimming today and felt I had been let off the hook by Mother Nature…. no skinny dipping for this chic!! I might try one of the many pamper treatments the onsite spa offered. Happy with this decision I ordered a second coffee once I had drained the first. It was good. With my second cup in hand, I tucked my feet up and settled in to catch up on some journal writing.

My senses were heightened, yet I felt completely at peace. I could vaguely hear the chatter and laughter from indoors and the sound mingled with the tiny chirps of the little birds that flitted around me, perching once in a while to have a break from their seemingly busy task. The ocean continued it’s rhythmic serenade and the smell of fresh coffee wafted toward me. My coffee was, of course, accompanied by fresh croissants that melted in my mouth.

Reluctantly, I stood to leave once I had finished. Decision made, I was keen to go and book in at the spa. The sun was still fighting a losing battle to break through and I resign myself to the fact I may not be swimming today unless it warmed up.

On my walk to the spa, I stopped to speak with an elderly couple who spoke relatively good English. I asked them about the ominous looking weather and they confirmed what I was thinking- it was heading our way.

They were quite busy at the spa, so I was unable to get the treatments I had selected back to back. I decided there and then that I would stay another night. I was not keen on heading into that thunderstorm and the idea of being pampered for the day instead, won me over. I booked the deep tissue massage for then and the relaxation package for that afternoon.

I had bits (that I had forgotten existed) that ached from the past few days’ hard slog. The massage was nice, not as deep as I probably needed, but enjoyable nonetheless.

When I exited the spa, there were patches of blue in the sky and the sun kept peaking momentarily from behind the clouds. Enough so, that it was warm enough now for a swim. I walked back to my bungalow to change into my bathers…..then I remembered. I, instead, stripped off, donned my sunglasses and headed toward the water. I dared not look around in case there were people on the beach and I chickened out. The water was so refreshing. I dived in and swam out a little way before turning to see how many people were out enjoying the little sun we were being offered. I was a little relieved to find there were not many people out at the moment. After wading around in the shallows for a while I dried myself off and settled on to one of the many sun lounges. I figured half an hour lazing around writing in my journal might be nice…..and it was. So nice, I drifted off to sleep with the sun gently lashing my backside.

I woke with a start, some time later, to realise my pamper session was in five minutes. I quickly gathered my sarong and threw it around me as I raced toward the spa. I was offered a list of alternatives and decided to try things I had not heard of before…….it’s a pamper session-surely I can’t go wrong? The first of my treatments is a Cloak Shower. I was instructed to strip off and lie on a raised bed. A curtain was then drawn around me and my body was subjected to micro jets spraying me with tepid ‘seawater rain’, which is designed to loosen muscle tension and improve blood and lymphatic circulation. It felt a little unusual at first but I soon fell into state of bliss and allowed myself to just lay there and enjoy. This treatment was followed up by a Watermass. THIS WAS AMAZING! I loved it. I laid once again on a bed in a wet area and was lightly massaged and a lather of some sort was rubbed over me. The Masseuse then proceeded to use a machine that combined a suction technique with a palpating-rolling stimulation. It felt like she was literally sucking the fat from my body….I actually thought I might walk out of there a size 8!!!!! It was a shame it had to come to an end. I was then lead to the steam room and a seaweed application was painted over my entire body and I was then told to spend time in the steam room wearing the mud body paint. It smelt like I was up to my neck in a mangrove swamp back in Hedland. Not the most pleasant smell, but the sensation of the mask was awesome. When this treatment was finished it was time for the mud to be removed. I was given an option to either have a warm shower in the spa room or walk down to the ocean and rinse off in the seawater???!!!! I don’t know how to put a shock faced emoji into this paragraph….if I did, it would go here!!!!!! You can’t wear clothes to the beach but it’s ok to stroll around covered in mud?  I would have looked like something out of a horror movie and I figured if I wanted to fly under the radar on the beach, that was not the way to go about it! I thought about it……for a millisecond, then opted for the indoor warm shower. The prices for all treatments were comparable to something you might get in Australia and worth every cent.

Back at my ‘shack’ I stripped off and headed back to the water to wash the remaining mud from my body. The sun, when it did come out, was warm and invigorating on my freshly revitalised skin. I floated on my back and allowed the waves to gently rock my body to and fro. I felt any remaining tension float away and I felt so light. I’m not sure how long I floated there for but when I came back to Earth I scrambled my thoughts together and made my way back to where I’d started.

The beach to the South of the resort, I learnt today, is a ‘normal’ beach. I made my way along the shoreline in that direction to do some exploring. Sarong in hand (but not on!), I head South. As soon as I saw a sign which I think told me you are leaving the Naturist Beach, I quickly wrapped my sarong around me and combed the beach admiring the driftwood of hundreds of shapes, sizes and colours.

There were yachts sailing out from where I walked and hang gliders soaring above me. Up ahead a couple of men were fishing. As I approached them I asked the first one, “Parlay Vous Anglais?” When he nodded and indicated he knew a little, I asked what fish they catch here. “None” he replied and when I returned to walk past him half an hour later, this has not changed! Time to give up I told him. He laughed and we chatted a little before I continued on my way. There was a lean-to that has been crafted from driftwood on the beach and I sat under that for a bit before making my way up an overgrown bush track to overlook the bay from a height.

When I passed the sign on my way back, without even thinking about it, I untied my sarong and let it fall. I strolled in the shallows and chatted easily to a couple that I encountered along the way. It wasn’t until after I left them, it dawned on me I had just had a casual chat with two completely naked strangers wearing nothing but a smile myself! This is an amazing accomplishment for me…..I felt liberated somehow. Lighter. Freer. Maybe even stronger? What started out as an uncomfortable and reluctant decision to stay here, has turned out to be a challenge I had embraced and grown from. It took me way out of my comfort zone initially and ended up grounding me in a way I can’t describe. Taking that right turn yesterday and booking in to a Naturist Resort may have seemed like a huge mistake at the time, but looking back now, it’s a mistake I’m glad I made. It’s a mistake I have learned from. A mistake I think I needed. A mistake from the Universe.


The sun is getting low behind me when I approach the bar, (yes, reluctantly I put some clothes on!) and order a glass of red. I take my glass of wine and a plastic chair and head to the beach……………. this one is for you Miss Kenlee…..my Shirley Valentine moment!!!!!


Selfies done, I ordered my meal and another glass of red. The older gentleman that does not speak English was playing the guitar tonight and the soft sound of the music, together with the effects of the day’s activities, sun and wine, made me feel sleepy.

Tucked away in my bungalow I pulled out my journal to update……………

……… it didn’t happen


Goodnight all,

Love you 40-leven





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