Finding Jack 2017

As I board the plane in Hedland, to fly to Perth then drive to Geraldton I smile. I am so excited!!!

Twelve months has flown by. Can’t believe it has been a year since we religiously and ‘intentionally ‘ walked around and round in circles for 24hrs straight! I don’t even do that when I’m having a big night!!

Yet, here we all are, ready to do it again.

This year has been particularly hard for us, since I nominated myself as Team Captain, then up and left town! I think there were numerous occasions when we seriously considered throwing the towel in and withdrawing from the event.

However, right there, in a nutshell, was our answer-right?

We walk all through the night to remind us….”Cancer Never Sleeps.”

Should that same logic not be applied here? Sure, being together made it harder; sure, we could forget about it until next year; sure, we wouldn’t get to finish all the tent decorations we had planned; sure, we weren’t prepared for it…….and with that thought process, came our answer. When you get the news, “You have Cancer,” there are no guarantees, except that, more than likely, a) you won’t have your family always by your side, b) you don’t have the luxury of ignoring it until next year, c) you are not always going to look like a million dollars as you face your battle and d) you sure as hell didn’t counter this into your life plan.

So, here we are….Finding Jack 2017.

Thanks for taking the time to share this year’s journey xx

Again, a MASSIVE thank you to all who have supported us along the way.

We urge you to humour us, when, in a couple of months, we start it all again!!

But first….let’s grab Relay 2017 by the balls and make the most of it!!!

Please share and like! Let’s get the message out to as many people as we can!

Wish us luck xxxx

Team Finding Jack


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