Corsica Dreaming….A snapshot of my adventure xxxx

8/10…..The very last of my adventure

Alarm breaks what was finally a sound sleep at dumb o’clock (4am). I would love to smash that snooze button but know there is no time. After packing all the last minute stuff, I get ready and head down to finalise my account. Thanks to everyone at Kuta Station Hotel…… you looked after me well.

At the airport I make it through all the gates and check in procedures and wait. Wait and reflect. It has been an amazing couple of weeks that started out what seems like months ago.

Wow, how that time has flown. I met some great people, saw some amazing things, faced challenges that literally made me shit myself, indulged and ticked a whole lotta boxes!!!!!!! Again, to everyone that kick started my dream in February this year…..THANK YOU!!!!!

This has been such an amazing journey! Still have a few boxes that need ticking, but that’s partially because I kept drawing new boxes while I was away!

It’s raining lightly as we take off and I am doing a little panic that I haven’t allowed myself enough time in Perth for arrival/security checks and quarantine procedures. My flight to Karratha leaves not long after I fly in to Perth. Hopefully the divine intervention that has played a part in my story so far, can grant me one more act of grace.

Nothing I can do about it now… is in the hands of the Universe. I’m going to indulge in the on board snack because I am starving, then I might attempt to carry on from where my alarm so rudely interrupted this morning. Bon Appetite and sweet dreams……

My arrival at Perth airport was followed by a frantic run to the other end of the terminal to board my flight to Karratha….theoretically my holiday is over, but I’m reluctant to let it end so I am going to include today as my last day. My detour to Karratha is so I can attend a work related PD day tomorrow.

My friend and colleague, Katherine, picks me up at Karratha airport and once settled in our rooms we indulge in a quiet beverage by the pool. A great family friend, Sharron, from my teen years and her beau, Harry, meet us there. There are lots of laughs and reminiscing, a few drinks and a great feed. My journey was absolutely amazing, but when you share time amongst the special people in your life, sitting back enjoying the freedom we have, you can’t help but get a little warm and fuzzy….. appreciating how lucky we are to be Aussies!!

Amongst that laughter, the sun set on the final day of my holiday. I feel lucky that I am able to experience the life changing events that I do. Fortunate to be surrounded by people that love and support me. It is because of these people I found the motivation to set out to achieve goals and accept challenges, the courage to stop procrastinating and do something I’ve talked about for years. It is because of these people I have grown….(certainly not in height) and blossomed internally. I feel a sense of pride that has been lacking for quite a while now.

Like everything in life, with hindsight I may have done a few things differently, but overall I’m glad I made some of the choices I did. Some of those choices being the reason I was faced with obstacles that forced me to face, and inevitably, conquer some fears.

Will I continue to travel? Yes, I believe so!

Any immediate plans? My next goal will involve travelling with grandchildren…..hopefully in 2018.

Travelling alone….yay or nay? I’m glad I tackled this journey alone. It became more of a journey of self discovery than one of sightseeing. The phenomenal sights were just a bonus!!!! That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t consider travelling with someone else next time, but it does mean that I am confident enough to fly solo if need be.

Hire a car or jump on a guided tour? I’m kind of glad I hired a car-it gave me freedom, independence and more importantly……heart rendering moments that left me with a feeling, once I had overcome them, of self-assurance. The flip side of being a nervous wreck and keeping your eyes glued to the tiny strip of tar ahead, is that you miss the opportunity to smell the roses. For this reason I guess I’m lucky I considered this more of a self discovery journey than a sightseeing expedition…..because I bloody missed a lot of it!!!!

Wing it or plan ahead? I planned the foundation of the trip, but for the most part I just went with the flow. If time and money permitted? I would wing the lot!!! There is something exhilarating about not knowing what’s in store next! Scary? Hell yes, sometimes it was!! But Geez I learnt some stuff along the way…..about the places I was visiting, the random people I accidentally stumbled upon and of course, I learnt a shitload about myself and my resilience. I don’t think I would have returned home with the same sense of achievement had I left with an explicit holiday plan in mind, with everything running like clockwork.

Travel to a place where you know little or none of the spoken language? Hmmmm….undecided. Knowing the local language would certainly have made life easier for me on numerous occasions, but would I wait until I know the language before travelling? No, I don’t think so.

Hard copy maps or GPS? When GPS is working well it’s great, but for me? I think I’d prefer up to date maps. The ones you unfold and hold in your hands….the ones that don’t require reception of any kind, the ones that don’t rely on battery to be useful….yep, old school maps all the way for me!!!

Backpack or luggage with wheels? This is a tricky one. There were times when I was glad I had my backpack, and other times I was cursing myself for not going with wheeled luggage. Depends where you’re travelling and what you’re doing I guess.

I lugged my laptop everywhere with intentions of blogging daily. Clearly, this did not happen. Between now and my next adventure I will experiment a little so I can take a million photos without running out of space or paying a fortune for memory storage, and still be able to access internet so I can update whenever/wherever I like…….not really sure what the answer is, but there has to be a more effective way than the way I did it.

Was 2 weeks enough? Hell no!!!!!! Given the time, money and opportunity I would book one way and just let the experience dictate my movements and ultimately, my return, but given that I only had 2 weeks available, I’m glad I didn’t wait. I’m glad I grabbed that fortnight by the balls and milked every drop out of it! Of course I would’ve liked longer, but I’m glad I didn’t delay my trip waiting for the ‘right moment’. No regrets.

Anything I wish I hadn’t done? That’s a NO from me! I loved it all!!!

The people I spent time with along the way….. family, old friends, new friends & even strangers, are part of my story and the reason it was so special, so thank you xxx

The people who gave me the nudge to stop procrastinating….THANK YOU!!

I am truly blessed to have these people in my life!!!

A snapshot of my journey….

Pre-Departure Jitters:

Day 1 & 2: Western Australia

Day 3: Port Douglas Bound

Day 4: Far North Queensland

Day 5: A Night of Travel

Day 6: London!!!

Day 7: Big Ben at Last!!

Day 8: Oh My!!! Love at First Sight

Day 9: Paris to Pisa

Day 10: Pisa to Bastia

Day 11: Bastia to St Florent, Corsica

Day 12: Saint Florent-Linguizzetta

Day 13: River Bella

Day 14: River Bella and Into The Night

Day 15: Pianottoli to Ajaccio

Day 16: Ajaccio

Day’s 17 & 18: Europe to Indonesia

Day 19: Bali Beauty

Amazing memories, a dream fulfilled and a taste of what’s to come.






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