Via Far North Queensland for a 50th

Day 3: Port Douglas Bound

Far North Queensland-croc country, well that’s what I always think of anyway. I actually think crocs are going to be just hiding, waiting to pounce from anywhere there’s water!!!! I’m sure it’s not like that at all but when the life guards were handing out “Swim between the flag” pamphlets on arrival, I was thinking “Only if they have flags in my pool coz I won’t be swimming anywhere else!”

Flying into Cairns reminded me somehow of arriving in Bali. As I made my way through the terminal trying to work out where I needed to be I even thought at one stage, “I might have to try to ask for directions?” then the penny dropped-I’m still in Australia!!! Probably a “How ya going mate, can ya help me out?” would suffice 🤣

e what kind of message we’re sending to International tourists, but for their convenience they even show how to use the loo!

ve to Port Douglas was lovely but after arriving at my accommodation I have to ask myself if I’m going to be up for this travel gig!!??? While waiting to check in I realise I have left my shoulder bag on the bus!! No biggie-just has my passport, license and bank cards in it!! 😩😩 oh God give me strength! (Or a brain!!)

All good-sorted!

When I was deciding where to stay in Port Douglas I looked for somewhere close to Steph’s so I could stumble home easily enough. What maps fail to show you, are the bloody big hills you need to climb up!!! At this rate I’m going to be buggered before I even leave Australia !!!

Gotta say, the climb was worth the effort! The view was to die for and the company awesome! Great choice Steph!!!

Port Douglas nightlife did not disappoint! We gave ourselves a taste of the nightlife and I even managed to meet some amazing people. One particular couple invited me to stay with them in London….bloody shame they will be still in Australia!! I will keep there contacts handy though….you never know!!! All danced out, slightly inebriated, doner kebab in hand I finally found my way back to the hotel and vaguely remember floating in the pool looking up to the millions of stars looking down at me, and smiling. Smiling because life is good! Two more sleeps and I will be leaving Aussie soils behind.


Happy Birthday Steph xxx

Luv u 40-leven


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