Bridging Gaps


Family Bridges……..

After recently moving away from my grandchildren, I have had to come to terms with the fact I can’t afford to visit them as often as I would like. Inevitably, this leaves a void ……….. 

This morning the true essence of family greeted me at my front door. My children creating the bridge that spanned the 1,300 kilometres between my grandchildren and I. If I couldn’t make it to see them, they decided, they would surprise me and make the 13+ hour trip in two cars, with 7 children, to see me!!!!!!! The importance of this selfless gesture will possibly never be understood by anyone who has not felt the emptiness of separation. I have missed my little babies immensely and this morning I felt like the richest person on Earth!!! Not only because of the chance to spend valuable time with my grandchildren, but the fulfilment of knowing you have raised amazing young people who go out of their way to reinforce the importance of love and family. My children’s love provided a bridge that covered not just the distance between us, but a bridge that spans across generations, cementing a message in the hearts of my grandchildren, “Family is the essence of life.”

I love you all 40-leven!!!!!!

Thank You!!!!!

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