Anxiety ……You tell yourself you’re ok. You nervously talk about your angst and outwardly face your demons……are you ok? How much talking do you think until you erase those ‘things’? Those little things that are no longer a threat, yet, are? Can they be counselled away? And if they are, how long before they’re replaced?
That seed in your gut that seems to grow roots deeper than you could imagine and spreads vine-like through your veins…..

The tiny voice in your head that contradicts the words flowing across your tongue and spilling into the ears of anyone prepared to listen….

That wild brumby in your chest thrashing around determined not to be tamed……

The tiny beads of moisture seeping from beneath your flesh threatening to pool on your skin….

Your breath…shallow and fast….I am breathing? Right? Anxiety….

If you allow it……it will strip your confidence and bring you trembling to your knees……. Christian Grey style-50 Shades of Shattered Nerves!

Find the strength to heal!!!

One of my spiritual journeys….Bali, 2016


Shelly Towns-Energetic Freedom “Live, Laugh & Love“! Highly recommend this lady! She’s amazing!!!

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    1. I have started following your posts. I wish I had read the same advice about a pen name……I am a little reluctant to freely tell all as there are people I care about who may get hurt/upset. A pen name is a great idea. I have started blogging for the same reason I feel……to heal and share. I am glad you are in such a happy place now…GOOD ON YOU!!!! Take care Hun, and happy blogging. xx

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      1. Thank you, I just don’t want any of parents remaining family to become upset with me, but it also keeps me from sharing on Facebook and such, but then again, do I want every one of my Facebook “friends” knowing these things about me? I also change the names slightly, even though any of my family would know exactly who I was talking about. Thanks for reading, I hope we can both heal and help someone else to heal with what we write =)

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