Who is the face behind 40-leven Reasons?

I have a busy head. My life reflects my headspace….busy, unorganised, cluttered, spontaneous, fun and very deep.Β It is the Bermuda Triangle of my existence. I don’t know if it’s my way of trying to grow up or whether I actually want to share some of the shit from inside my head? Some of it is bloody hilarious!!!Β  I often laugh out loud at my own internal conversations. I get me. I think I’m funny. I know I have a good heart. Still…….. there seems to be a hole. Maybe blogging is my way of getting it all out of my head to clear it a little? I don’t know. I do know I feel I am going to love this journey ……..once I know what I’m doing!

Which leads me to “BloggingU” ….. by all accounts it seems to be a tool for virgin Bloggers! Mother Theresa I am not…..Virgin Blogger I am! πŸ˜‡

Welcome to assignment Number 1!

There are no guarantees what you will find when you visit. I envisage my blog reflecting my head-a Kinder Surprise of sorts….a lucky dip. I never know what my next thought pattern will be, likewise, who knows what you’ll find next time you visit 40levenreasons. Geographically/physically/spiritually, I am both an enigma and an open book…..to learn more about me…..follow my journey πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

Love you 40-leven



6 thoughts on “Who is the face behind 40-leven Reasons?

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  1. I think I can definitely relate to laughing at my own internal conversations. Especially when I am recalling something funny I watched from before and then when I laugh, a lot of heads turn in my direction with various confused expressions πŸ˜€

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