G’Day Casino

G’Day casino

G’Day Casino……Well for those who know me….my Mum and I have had those words spill over our tongue many a time! We have a love hate relationship with the casino….we love to go and we hate to leave!!!! For the purpose of this blog, however, those words leave a bitter taste in my mouth. Please let me start by being completely up front from the get go….this is not to point blame or ridicule….it is merely my recollection of an unfortunate incident…..a rant, if you will.

So…. the beginning…. Actually, for those who know me and are thinking, “oh f*#k, here we go again”, I will give a relatively short intro to myself (yes Leisa-I’m doing it!).

We all have our path through life. Some, lucky buggers, seem to have a paving truck just up ahead of them and travel a privileged journey. Others, like myself, fell off that track along the way and stumbled through some rough terrain hoping to come out the other end and find that paved road once again. It is the climb back up to that road that led me back to Hedland and to this story…….(grab yourself a cuppa-the short part of my story is over-the rest is bound to drag on!)

Due to limited funds, and , if truth be told, a desire to squeeze back into a size 12, I have cut back on drinking and excessive socialising. I, therefore, recently found myself relaxing out the back after doing some gardening and flicking through my phone…..don’t say it!!!!! I am well aware my phone seems to feel more like an extension of my hands lately. Anyway, while scrolling I remember having a little flutter on an online casino a couple of years ago. I deposited $50 and it lasted almost 12 months. I had loads of fun and was able to escape the day to day monotony and grind of my life. I could imagine I was sitting up at the casino alongside Mum and just ‘being’. Forgetting the harassing phone calls and the familiar sounds of my debt collector friends. Appreciating that I wasn’t out in the heat and the flies working ridiculous hours away from family….just for that moment anyway. Just ‘being’. So, when I remembered this the other day I found myself googling online casino sites. I knew before I started scrolling I was going to deposit $50-it was just a matter of which casino. I knew, also, that I couldn’t afford it. It was an extravagance I could ill afford but I had already justified it in my head. I read through the draw cards of a few before going back to the first site that had caught my eye….. G’day Casino. Finally my heading is making sense right? G’day Casino….sounded just like it was calling me, so I joined. They were offering a 100% deposit match welcome bonus!!! Deposit $50 & start playing with $100 right? Sounded too good to be true!!!!!!! On the 24th Feb I joined and started playing. Yep, sure enough they doubled my $50 deposit! I have since had reason to scan over my transaction history…..it spans over more than 750 pages!!!! It’s fair to say I had some fun along the way. Incredibly the balance dropped to below $2 on many occasions and I remember thinking ‘this is it’ quite often, only to have little wins keeping me alive. I lay in bed one night thinking, “I have less than $25….May as well flutter that into the abyss and get back to the real world for a bit. My balance was at $26.21 and my little iPhone started singing!!!!!! It went crazy!!!!! The numbers on my balance kept going up, up, up!!! Man, I was smiling so hard I almost burst!!! I couldn’t believe it!!! Luck like that just doesn’t ever seem to knock on my door and here it was bashing that bloody door down!!! When the figure finally stopped escalating, my new and much shinier balance read $1,306.21 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was thanking every God there ever was!!!!!! Now…….since I have previously admitted to having a slight addiction to a quiet flutter, I naturally carried on pressing those little ‘spin’ buttons!!! I was having a ball!!! Over the next few days I watched my balance see-saw up and down. I lay in bed thinking one night about how many people helped me out when I was at rock bottom. Through the years there have just been so many!!! Recently my two girls lent me money to make the move to Hedland to start fresh……as much fun as I was having, I knew the right thing to do was to withdraw the money and repay them. I felt as though the Universe had given me this gift to help me get back on my feet. I would be lying to you and kidding myself if I didn’t admit I kept a little in the account for a flutter and, if I’m honest, I knew once I had paid off my debt and was on my feet….a little ‘spending’ money at Gday Casino might actually become a part of my regular budget. I withdrew $1,000 and left myself $170 to play with. I rang my daughters and told them I would be paying them both back everything I owed them over the next week or so. I told them about my little windfall and they were ecstatic for me! My life really was taking a turn for the better! The universe was smiling down on me and giving me a helping hand. There was a lightness in my step and I felt like a weight had been lifted. My new hero was Gday Casino! Who would’ve thought??? So…………… knowing I had bumped my balance up to just over $200, last night I settled in for a quiet flutter before bed. The balance dipped and soared and I was once again engulfed in my little bubble of escapism. I stopped only to engage in small talk with Nathan, my son, and to make a cuppa. After settling back in with my cuppa I noticed my balance was at $50? I logged out and back in again…still $50? While pondering the possible reasons for this, an email alert popped up on my phone from Gday Casino. Ah ha…..clearly some technical hiccup they are telling me about…… I opened the email to find this………
gday-casI felt the wind being knocked out of my sails and I was dumbfounded. So many questions flooded through my head!!!! Is this a mistake? Why would they let me play so long and say nothing? How is it even possible to receive a bonus if you’re not entitled to it? Why give it to me? Is this a bad joke? Surely if I’m not entitled to the bonus you don’t give it to me? And at what point during the 750+ pages of transactions of money going to and fro did the money become theirs and not mine? At what point can you say that I stopped playing with the bonus money? Take the bonus back. My head was reeling!!!! I called my girls and said sorry….back to plan A…. I will slowly pay you back as I can. While texting backwards and forwards another email came through from Gday Casino…… maybe it was a mistake after all. Nope!!!!! After pulling the carpet from beneath my feet, these pricks send me an email offering me a fricking bonus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not sure who they employ at Gday Casino but their sense of humour is pretty f*#ked up!!!

Their IT department needs an overhaul-find someone who can program your site to REJECT bonuses which are not going to be honoured!!!!!! Their public relations department is non existent …..who the hell tells someone -sorry for the inconvenience of giving you false hopes by allowing you a bonus you aren’t entitled to, but oh, after we take that one off you we can fix you up with another!!!! WTF??? Eat a dick! Phew…..rant over!!!! For those of you I didn’t lose along the way, those stayers that read my whole tirade….thanks for allowing me to vent! Will I stop having a flutter? Has this taught me not to indulge in online slots? Nope…I loved it, but I can say this……Seeya Gday Casino. I will stick with Bingo Cabin. I have had so much more luck with them. At least if I have an honest win….I receive an honest payout! #gdaycasinoreview #bingocabinhereicome

Parlay ….

To you all……

read the fine print.

Luv you 40-leven

Deb X

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  1. Hello magical woman. Arseholery abounds.
    Not sure if you have heard of a book making waves in Victoria called Barefoot Investor. It is pretty good and has helped loads with finances without being all douche about it. He talks in real language and doesn’t expect you to do a full on budget etc.
    chin up and happy 50 th revolution it certainly isn’t a dull one. xkx

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