The Road Taken

The Road Taken

Admire the beauty nature bestows upon us…..but never lose sight of our blessings…..for some, The Road Taken is not their chosen path xxx

The Road Taken

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    1. This is an abandoned camp on the fringes of a mining town…..evidence of the life of a small child? Unsure. It just seems incredibly contradictory to the beauty of the background. Sadness and despair against a stunning backdrop…..

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      1. I decided to follow you because I read blogs to visit places I’ve never been and to see how others live. I don’t know your area but In my life I’ve fiercely resisted ‘going back’ and understand the complex feelings involved. Your brother’s comment on your going back along with your sunset shot, it is what it is a glorious sunset and you didn’t worry about the foreground. (Let me take a moment to say god save me from another person with a digital camera who specializes in sunsets over Lake Michigan and wants to make a book and sell it to the tourists.) but the biggest reason I decided to follow you was the absolutely proper use of swear words.

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