Sooooo…… I read somewhere I can link my blog to someone else’s? It’s called ‘pingback’. Yep. I’ve never relied on Mr Google so much in my life!!!!!! The challenge is to respond to a one-word prompt. Then HOPE that you’ve successfully done that pingback thing…..otherwise it’s just gonna look to your followers like you’re randomly just dribbling. From what I gather-anything goes. So here goes anything….Just write, right? Take the words from inside my head and throw them onto the page for the world to see how truly weird your mind is?? Sounds good to me….


That stage in your life when you just ‘be’. Possibly not because you’re content, possibly not because you’re discontent….. you’re just that-lukewarm.

No rollercoaster rides through life. No wind in your hair and sun on your face as you greet life’s next moment head on. 

You’re just existing…..

You’ve plateaued on the trail to contentment……

You’re lukewarm Goldilocks & lukewarm is only one step away from cold…… Winter is coming ❄️ reignite your spark and heat that baby up. Let’s get you hot…smoking hot x

via Daily Prompt: Lukewarm

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