Is 50 Too Late to Start Again?

And here I am…… what a journey it has been, but I’m back and I remember. I remember why. For, as blue as the ocean is in other places, as white as the beaches are in other places…..other places just aren’t Hedland. So I’m back.
First day back and the weather is ominous at best. It’s Dad’s birthday ……our 5th year without that amazing man!!! Soooo….yep, you got it! I head to the beach. The great thing about Hedland is….it can be pissing down rain but you still wanna stroll along the beach- combing for goodies. Appreciating the little things. Feeling the rain in your face and revelling in the fact you’re not freezing your arse off!!!
I’m not sure if it’s something I’ve heard along the way and adopted as my own or whether in some demented moment I decided it was a ‘thing’, but nonetheless, whatever it was, I convinced myself you should never go back. Don’t return to live in places you left. Never backtrack. You left for a reason right? And what the hell is it about Hedland that makes you want to come back anyway? My brother sure could never understand it πŸ˜†. Sorry Steve, as confusing as it may seem, there is something alluring about this end of the state 😍. People argue that it isn’t picturesque-I disagree. I find it phenomenally beautiful. The people are amazing and I’ve always said I think it’s because of the isolation we forge family bonds with friends-strangers even. And interesting!! A storyteller could find material up here to last a lifetime. When it’s all said and done though, none of the above are solely responsible for the Pilbara’s seduction of my heart.
My walk along the beach brought clarity. I think at a time when I was lost and had no direction I stumbled into the Pilbara clutching to life by a thread (by stumbled- I mean dragged by the hair by Juli Coffin 🀣🀣). Whatever the reason that brought me here all those years ago… was where I found my inner strength. I became a better me because I had to. There’s no room in the Pilbara for piss weak Princesses!! My kids and I became a part of this community and together we faced, and conquered, so many hurdles.
I learnt real quick to pull on my big girl pants (and later to fill them to capacity!) and get the fuck on with living.
So, today, on the Ninth day of the Second month in TwentySeventeen,img_8478

I say Happy Birthday to my beautiful Dad, I say farewell (for now) to my amazing Mum and family, I gulp back tears as I leave 4 of my kids and their partners and foremost I wonder how I will go not seeing my 7 adorable grandchildren regularly. I think of friends in Geraldton and with fresh rain drops on my face, I step into the next chapter of my life. I hope to find the same fortitude I found years ago so I may embrace whatever lies ahead.
Wish me well
Love you 40-leven
ps….this is my first attempt at ‘blogging’ (if that’s what this is???). If it is, once I get the hang of it, it should be a piece of piss. Pretty much just having a yarn right? How hard can it be? I’m sure I’ll find out πŸ˜†. Any and all advice gratefully appreciated! My inner strength, thus far, has not conquered the crying scared little girl that hides inside this mammoth carcass…..SO BE GENTLE!!! If you are, by nature, a negative fucker……..kindly take yourself somewhere else and leave your derogatory remarks πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ Constructive feedback VERY welcome-just not negative shit. xxxxxxxxxx

28 thoughts on “Is 50 Too Late to Start Again?

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  1. What an inspiration. And you’re 100% right Deb. Life is amazing after 50. Almost half way there I Reckon. The first 50 are stepping stones. I say EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. The good the bad and the ugly. People come and go in our lives and that’s the way it is meant to be. Your kids, grandkids and future grandkids will love you because YOU are a lovely person. This is a lovely story Deb.

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  2. Always love hearing/reading your words gorgeous lady. Keep on rocking, you will always outstandingly succeed at anything you attempt. So glad i have your blog now to stalk your new adventure. Love you xo

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  3. At last you are writing and just like I thought, wonderful to read your picture language. Can’t help but “be there” with you. 50+ is the time for life, not wasting time on the details. Look forward to more stories, storyteller lady. Xx

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  4. No words!!! WOW what an amazing story!! Waiting in anticipation for your next blog! Debby your words bring so much love and excitement into my heart. Truly bloody fantastic story this is keep up the great work. I wish you nothing less than the BEST EVER. How proud would your Dad Jack the Ripper be right now. He’d be smiling down on you with that ever loving caring smile that’s for sure. We spent 12 months in Port Hedland when we first married and it is a place we both are very fond of. Looking forward to making our way up there once we hit the road in the Caravan in the next 12mths. Will make sure we catch up when we do!! Love and all the best to you Deb. Merrilyn. XXXX

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  5. Good on you Deb. I look forward to reading more. On your best behaviour for this first post… swearing and no mention of sex!! Surely that will change. xx

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    1. I know right!? I cleaned the filter out…’s bound to deteriorate given time 🀣🀣
      First time I’d ever heard words like ‘blog’, ‘podcast’ was from you. Had no idea what it was then and still not a lot better off! Learning as I go πŸ™ˆβ€οΈβ€οΈ


    1. Thank you!!!! I shared this on on FB….most of my comments and likes for that one were made on my FB page πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ still a novice but learning a little bit more every day! Hopefully before my ‘Is 60 Too Late To Start Again?’ Blog I will know my way around my page xx

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  6. I love reading your story. You’re a good story teller, and you write it well. Life itself is a journey. I went back to school at 50 to get my doctorate degree. I stayed up until 2am almost every night. It is just to say that there is still a long journey after 50, and we can do it. Love to hear some more of your progress. So I’ll follow you. Please come visit my blog and be connected.

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